CryptoEstimator Upgrade 2.0

12 Oct, 2017

We are extremely proud to present CryptoEstimator 2.0. Those who regularly use CryptoEstimor may be surprised with such a drastic change. 

Initial 1.0 version of Crypto Estimator was simple tool - market cap calculator, which helped our users to workout crypto prices based on  market cap increase. Going further we decided to allow users to save their predictions and this is where things became interesting. We received a lot of good user response which pushed us forward to 2.0.
Instead of being a simple tool, we now see CryptoEstimator as a platform. We hope to gather a large community of crypto enthusiast and traders who would be sharing their insights about crypto prices in the future.

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What is new in CryptoEstimator 2.0?

  • Completely new user interface
  • Ability to comment each prediction
  • Ability to comment each ICO
  • Google+ login option
  • Top predictors page
  • Email notifications once prediction resolves
  • User profile with prediction history
  • Predictions filtering and ordering
  • Predictions types: short-term and long-term