Do we support BTC 2x HF?

19 Oct, 2017

To answer shortly - no! It's pity that so many big companies expressed support towards 2x HF. This just shows their true face and intentions, and intentions are far from good in this scenario. It's fairly easy to convince unknowing Bitcoin users toward supporting this HF by pretending that it's a technical improvement that will help to scale it. When in reality it's a matter of taking control of its further development by removing bitcoin core devs out of the picture.

In the first place, Bitcoin doesn't need any scaling at this point since the network is able to handle all the transaction without major issues. Segwit is activated and it's already saving space in blockchain and reduces transfer fees, not to mention Lightning network is on its way! 

If you need proof to believe in Core devs competence to do their job, do not hesitate to listen to this podcast:

The fact, that core devs managed to find security floor in SSL just proves how seriously they are taking their job and what responsibility they are carrying. 

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