New Scam: Hard wallet phishing attack

6 Jan, 2018

Never buy a hard wallet from a reseller.  Recently, a story on Reddit has spread letting people know about how one guy lost all his live savings simply by buying Nano Ledger S from the reseller on eBay.

The scam itself is really simple and targeted to people who are fairly new to crypto space or don't have much experience handling their own wallet seeds.

Hard wallets never come pre-setup! User received genuine Nano Leger S, the only thing that was changed is usage instructions. Perpetrator pre-setup Nano Leger S and hidden seeds under the scratch pad to make it look more legitimate. This is often the practice done by banks when they deliver credit card pin-codes in separate envelopes (most of the banks allow to set up your own pin now) 

Once user moved the funds, perpetrator simply had another ledger setup to allow himself to grab the loot. The victim mentioned above suffered $34k loss, which apparently was his life savings.

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