TokenDesk ICO could be scam

24 Oct, 2017

Be extra cautious if you decide to participate in TokenDesk ICO

There is a lot of negative press about TokenDesk ICO and people behind it. It's all mostly in Lithuanian language, therefore might be not available for English speakers.

One of the negative articles can be found on one of top news sites in Lithuania. We want you to be extra cautious if you decide to take a chance on this project.

The key points from the article below:

1. One journalist pretended to be an investor from the USA, he was asked to transfer money to shell company, which had no relation with TokenDesk.

2. The most popular payment vendor in Lithuania - Paysera refused to continue to collect payments for TokenDesk as they specified their services in a misleading way.

3. Some of the people behind the project have bad reputation altogether.

4. Ex-politicians who joined the project do have a bad history related to financial activities.

Please use google translate to read a full article:

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