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DOGE @ $1.02 by 1 Jan, 2019

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The chinese year of the Dog starts February 16th 2018. The Dogecoin community is planning on creating and releasing a huge amount of promotional material for this event. This will spread interest and awareness and cause more new crypto users to buy in. It will inflate above its equilibrium point in march and crash afterwards, probably by at least 50%. It will then steadily rise as users flee other cryptos that have higher transaction costs, as dogecoins fees are very low and block times are short. Once we reach the end of 2018 more and more people will learn about the to the moon project orcastrated by Joe Frusetta, which aims to send a physical dogecoin and wallet to the moon one of astrobotics rovers. As this news becomes mainstream again more first time users will buy in.   The $1 per dogecoin prediction seems unusually bullish, however it would only give Doge about a $100 billion market cap. The $1 price point seems more reasonable when you consider the effective supply is much smaller than the real supply. Many in the community have lost their old coins in wallets where the private keys have been lost forever, some estimate as many as half of all the current dogecoins are stuck in unretrievable wallets. This means it would only need a $50 billion effective market cap.   Currencies tend to have supports around nice even numbers, so I suspect doge will end up trading around $0.10 for most of the 2018 year before making its next big jump to $1.00 towards the end where it will remain stable until more projects, news, or developments come out.

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    This is definitely the best prediction on CE platform so far! Wish you luck with it!

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