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FUD and worries will mostly keep the prices down in Q1. We will probably see a lot of sideways movement through Q2 with a dip to current prices at or around $10k during spring. Summer will be a rather slow period with a dip or two, but we should see prices going up to previos ATH around August followed by a big dip caused by FUD once again. ATH prices will return beginning of September followed by more sideways movement before we go into FOMO season and another parabolic jump starting mid to late November. New ATH over $50k followed by a huge dip once again. 

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  • 0 | 538 days ago CryptoEstimator says : Reply

    I have posted this on Reddit, and a lot of people missed some real arguments except FUD and FOMO, maybe you have something to add?

  • 1 | 538 days ago Andreas says : Reply

    Well I managed to find the thread on Reddit. Indeed, I don't have any technical analysis or similar to back it up. It's based mostly on how I think public opinion will evolve over the year, how vacation times during summer affect price, the need for sells during holidays and a bit of historical data. I might be completely wrong, it could well go down 20% this year or up even more than I estimated. So far the price is obviously a bit lower than I thought it would be by now, I wasn't anticipating a new crash this soon. I think we will see a crash down to $9000 or even $8000 during the first 3 months of the year though.

    • 0 | 528 days ago CryptoEstimator says :

      I think your prediction is doing fairly well, compared to it's length. And the crash happened. Will be interesting to see how this will pan out at the end.

    • 0 | 525 days ago Andreas says :

      Yes, I think it's doing fairly well. I think it would be a good idea to change the algo that determines accuracy. At the moment it seems to determine anything over the estimated price to be 100% accurate. I think it would be better to check deviation from the estimate to actual price, and lower accuracy the further away from the estimate the real price is. The way it's determined now, I could just set a super low estimate and get 100% accuracy.

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