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XRP @ $1.85 by 14 Feb, 2018

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The XRP lock-up and announcements in Q4 2017 will set XRP on its next big bull run. Q1 2018 will see further announcements and uptake with end users using XRP to make cross border payments. This will set XRP on a run towards $2 in the early part of the year. I suspect it will hit just shy of this psychological level at around $1.85 before settling into sideways action pending further announcements later in the year.

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  • 0 | 577 days ago CryptoEstimator says : Reply

    $71.3 bn market cap for XRP would be needed for this to be true, this is quite a lot of money compared to current $91.9 bn market cap of BTC. What price do you predict for BTC then?

  • 1 | 577 days ago Billy Hitchens says : Reply

    Bitcoin is a more difficult call. I expect it will be trading sideways for a while after this most recent rally. But for XRP, a $71.3bn market cap in the medium term seems realistic if the partnership deals they have in the works come to fruition.

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