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Live BTG will cost $300 in 41 days

Some value prevail itself. The increase value of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash reflect the branch out family will benefit it as well.

41 out of 82 days remaining
This prediction currently is 98% accurate
Live ETN will cost $0.25 in 70 days

Lots of false moved by dev team. Investors felt betrayed by releasing mining prior releasing ICO holding assets. Failed to provide confirmation from Amazon to prove the attacks. Fail to halt trading in exchange Immediately. Failed to correct the mistake by allow mining start before user accounts in server back online. Nothing doing it right nor correctly adjust the mistake. Price will be almost worthless short term, eventually the tusnami will be over with price climb to 0.25 area... Eatimated 0.41 will be the max.. then will be history by summer 2018. Unless the dev team come to a sense to have some creative feature or service add-in right after new year and implement it within 2 months after.

70 out of 111 days remaining
This prediction currently is 0% accurate
Live QTUM will cost $25 in 24 days

Stealthily rise to compete with few similar class cryptos. Less hype could be the reason with real world applications.

24 out of 65 days remaining
This prediction currently is 66% accurate
Live NEO will cost $19.95 in 7 days

Too Much hypes, exhaustion effect. Should fall to estimate territories before any potential gain next year. All depends on how creative from the devs. If do it right, may be $50+ by end of Spring.

7 out of 48 days remaining
This prediction currently is 28% accurate
Live ETH will cost $330 in 36 days

Ethereum price will fluctuate between 251 to 395 with stable at 307 in between date mentioning. Excellent to park cryptos from other cryptos when volatility hit for profit protection guage and transaction channel via ICO. Not an ideal to look for big gain.

36 out of 77 days remaining
This prediction currently is 46% accurate
Live BCH will cost $1500 in 35 days

Way under value at the moment as per adoption rate. Inherited all Bitcoin characteristic value and most important of all, Bitcoin has becoming very expensive financial instrument own by instructions making small fraction of transactions unaffordable. Bitcoin Cash becoming an alternative within family. Will be as high as $7,000 by summer 208.

35 out of 76 days remaining
This prediction currently is 80% accurate
Live MIOTA will cost $10.78 in 38 days

All previous technical issues being fixed proven steady and efficient. Ecosystem growth in multiple rate alarm investors the potential is greater than known.

38 out of 79 days remaining
This prediction currently is 0% accurate
Live BTC will cost $12000 in 52 days

Wall street investors and fund managers flock in with buying power with minimum $millions each. Future and Options confirm launch date.

52 out of 93 days remaining
This prediction currently is 62% accurate

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